Weekly Challenge: Frame…

The prompt: We frame what we see through our lens. And it tends to be a process, whether you use the golden ratio, the rule of thirds, or just aim for the right balance.

But what about how the world frames itself? Look at things a bit differently,  find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see!


My choice for ‘frame’ is this picture I took on Martha’s Vineyard.  The Tabernacle is one of my favorite places and I can never take enough pictures of it, however this is one of my favorites and it happened accidentally.  Don’t a lot of them 🙂   I was walking out of Trinity Methodist Church which is across from the Tabernacle and just snapped this shot as I approached the doorway.  I love how it frames just a snippet of the Tabernacle.




Mary Weisbeck
via Through Jersey Eyes http://ift.tt/2bDWtEY


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